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Footsteps to Follow

Walking in the snow, I always tried to follow in someone else's footsteps. Pops' footsteps where both the easiest and hardest to walk in. His giant strides made it hard to keep up, yet his large footprints were big so that my foot easily fit.

For those who do not know, this is my grandpa (Pops), Danny Hazelwood. On January 28th, 2022 he got to meet His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, face to face!

He was one of the biggest Christian influences in my life. He was always , kind, full of love, caring, supportive, and was the epitome of servant leadership. He served with the Gideons for around 50 years, 5 of which he worked for them. During this time, he went on international trips to pass out Bibles in countries where they had no access to the Gospel.

Outside of this, his life reflected Christ. He always made sure those around him experienced Christ's love and had a personal relationship with him. The family was honored to hear testimonies of those he had led to Christ throughout his life.

When it came to missions, he was one of my biggest influences. I always loved seeing his face light up when he shared stories of people receiving God's word and accepting Christ as their Savior. With missions, he was also always my number one supporter. He wanted to make sure I was walking in God's will and sharing Christ's love with those around me wherever God had called me.

I am grateful that the last conversation I was able to have with him was about Spain and what God was calling me to do. He had a huge smile plastered across his face the whole time. I hope to make him proud by staying on this journey of what God is calling me to and reaching the lost for Christ.

Pops' overwhelming love and dedication to those around him make it hard to reach the level he set. His example made it clear that as long as Christ is involved it is possible to do. I am glad to have the best and biggest footsteps to follow.

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