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What Will My Ministry Look Like?

There are many things that I will be involved in with my ministry in Spain. Below you can read about the general areas that I will be participating in.


English Outreach

English, especially with an American accent, is very important and valuable to Spaniards. Two of the main reasons are to get into college and to help with business, therefore, we use conversational English groups. These are meetings where we use topical conversations to help improve their English. This allows us to reach others we would not have connected with and serve them while forming relationships.

Relational Evangelism

This is crucial to most evangelism, especially due to the culture of Spain. Through daily life, the goal is to be intentional with relationships in order to witness and draw them closer to Christ.


Deliberate Discipleship

Once someone does come to faith in Christ, it is crucial to disciple them. Making those relationships intentional and teaching them how to follow Christ is of utmost importance. This has helped my walk tremendousl so I hope to help out where I can.

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