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My Calling


My Calling

I hope to show you a little about me and my heart for missions in this. I was raised in a Christian household and accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of six and then followed Him in believers' baptism.


God has used the Wilds Christian Camp to deeply impact my walk with Him. When I was 12, the Lord got a hold of my heart while I was at camp and made me realize that He was calling me into full time ministry. During this time, He also burdened my heart for missions.


For a few years I pulled away from missions and followed my own path, but God's will persisted. He was still burdening my heart for missions, but I was unable to explore the calling until 2019. One Sunday, a missionary couple was visiting my church on furlough and presented the opportunity to go to Spain for a month long mission trip. I looked into the opportunity and God made it clear that I should go.


On the trip, God burdened my heart for those I came in contact with, opening my eyes to their need of the Gospel in a manner which I had never before experienced. I fell in love with the people and culture while serving in Spain, from their generosity and patience to their friendliness and sense of community. Upon my return home, God began to cause my heart to ache for the salvation of the Spaniards.


After graduating in 2021, I started looking into ministry career opportunities. I came across Baptist Mid-Missions' short term program and pursued it with the intent of discovering if God is calling me into full time missions. Throughout the application process and planning of this trip, God has made it clear that I am supposed to follow His calling with this opportunity. I hope to reach the lost, disciple new believers, and to see if my calling is in foreign missions. My goal to leave in September for a year long trip.


My heart is burdened for the people of Spain, but I cannot go without the support of churches and individuals like yourself. I would love to partner with you in this opportunity to grow the Kingdom by spreading the Gospel of Christ to nonbelievers in Spain, either financially or through prayer.

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